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ICONSPEAK World Edition Sticker

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You can of course wear ouf t-shirts every single day of your life - but maybe you don't want to, maybe sometimes you wear another t-shirt - and that's ok. Good for you!

But maybe you still don't want to leave your universal vocabulary at home and still want to be able to speak to everybody, everywhere... That's why we have created our ICONSPEAK World Edition also as Sticker!

The sticker-set comes as one big sticker in three different sizes - but the icons are separated by a minimal margin, so if you want to, you can even cut it up into the different icons.

The stickers come as seen in the image with the notebook, the black background in the other image is only added for a better visibility in the online store.

Btw. our research team calculated the sizes in cm for you:

4x3" equals 10,2x7,6cm
5,5x4" equals 14x10,2cm
you equals best customer ever


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