ICONHELP Special Edition

ICONSPEAK – founded in 2016, creates icon based design products, aiming to overcome language barriers of any kind. Originally solely addressing travellers, we soon realized that there are many more language barriers out there, waiting to be overcome. Popular demand by Friends, Parents, or Teachers of verbally challenged or disabled kids and individuals brought us to yet another field of language, speaking and communication barriers. 

This is a field we know barely anything about, but are highly motivated to help and to apply our design know-how and production network in order to create a truly helpful product: an ICONSPEAK shirt, especially created for the verbally disabled.

Hence we invite you to help us to create this unique icon set! We rely on your know-how to develop a design and icon set that captures the most dominant communication needs and really helps verbal disabled individuals in their everyday life. 

How it works: Fill in this questionnaire and give us as many inputs as possible. To thank you for your participation you will receive an ICONSPEAK discount code of 11% upon submission.